Company profile

1. Core values

Two. The purpose of operation

EPPs to provide environmentally friendly products, construction of green earth "as one of the important goals, is for customers to develop safety, energy saving and environmental protection, LNG (liquefied natural gas) clean energy products and integrated solutions to help customers reduce operating costs, reduce its carbon emissions and negative environmental impact. To this end, EPPs has always insisted on intelligence, security, development of industry leading LNG perfect environmental protection products, and to ensure that all products meet or even surpass the relevant laws and regulations, standards and customer requirements.

Three. Management concept

1, customer first

Take customer service as the center, take the customer's actual business demand as the guidance, from the customer interest, provide the perfect information application solution for the customer.

2. Respect for individuals

EPPs as the company's employees, regardless of position, different division, will be fully respected and treated equally. The company gives employees equal opportunities to encourage employees to work together with the company and set up personal annual career development plan for employees in line with company development.

3, encourage innovation

System development is an intelligent business. The company provides challenging career development space, encourages every employee to work creatively and give full play to their maximum value, so as to create the best effect.

4, team cooperation

In the work, the company emphasizes mutual respect, understanding and effective communication, so as to create a "1 + 1>2" work effect in an atmosphere of equal and harmonious cooperation.