Examination and approval process of LNG gas station and CNG gas station

The construction of LNG and CNG stations must report for approval in accordance with the provisions of relevant state construction and program. The construction and implementation of the LNG and CNG gas stations need to be completed in the early stage of the gas station.

LNG, CNG filling station is different from an ordinary building within the construction process to prove through all aspects of government approval and obtain the opinions of the relevant departments issued after a review of the construction and completion of the preliminary examination qualified after strict.

The preliminary procedures CNG, LNG filling station construction including: project feasibility study report (or project proposal), project approval (NDRC), construction land approval, the state-owned land use certificate (Land Resources Bureau), topographic map (with vector CD, surveying and mapping units), planning red line (planning, Geological Bureau) investigation report (survey unit), construction design (Design), planning permit (Planning Bureau), construction plan review submissions (SMCC Review Office), construction permits (SMCC), building fire protection design review (Fire Department), the safety evaluation report (reply production safety supervision and Management Bureau), environmental assessment report approved (Environmental Protection Agency), safety and quality supervision and inspection declaration form installation of pressure pipe (Party Declaration and technical supervision unit) The letter of notification for the installation and maintenance of special equipment (after the construction unit has declared the technical supervision unit, submit one copy to the Party A).

LNG, CNG gas station construction late procedures include: building fire engineering acceptance document (Fire Department), hazardous chemicals business license (production safety supervision and Management Bureau), pressure vessel product quality supervision and inspection report (autonomous region of boiler and pressure vessel safety quality inspection institute), business license (Industrial and Commercial Bureau), enterprise organization organization code certificate (Autonomous Region Bureau of quality and technical supervision and inspection report) anti lightning and anti static facilities (Autonomous Region Institute of products quality supervision and inspection), pressure vessel license, cylinder filling card (Autonomous Region Bureau of quality and technical supervision), real estate license etc..


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