What is the aerated operation of the LNG gas station?

What is the aerated operation of the LNG gas station?

(a) wear safety gloves, and the driver put the car into the parking position command specified before filling machine and flameout, waiting for the driver to get off to open the gas interface window, and hand over the keys to the filling personnel for temporary custody, waiting for the end of filling back to the driver to lock the aerated interface window, to start the engine, to prevent the occurrence of aerated grab off the accident.

(two) because the machine does not use the IC card business temporarily, please use this copy of the license plate number and the cylinder number, ready for use as file information, after confirmation and ask the driver to sign gas station is now using the set of tables, filling parameters to be completed by the staff after the signing by the driver after filling the end, filling unity to the BUS company for cash.

(three) the bottom filling machine grounding terminal leads to the car's cylinder, and maintain good contact (grounding resistance is less than or equal to 4 in Europe).

(four) the use of a high pressure N grab to grab the head and back flushing head filling gas to grab the head, the head will grab the internal condensation of water vapor is blown out, to prevent it from being pressed into the surface of the cylinder to cause ice jam by high pressure liquid filling machine, filling into the vehicle and in turn to grab a LNG cylinder liquid inlet gas grab insert car LNG cylinder return port (without charge and stuffy gas rush, usually only first times the filling bottles or high pressure bottles will be used to the trachea, usually only grab aerated pipe on the line.).

(five) the air return valve on the cylinder is fully opened. The operator goes back to the operation platform of the filling machine, and sets up the filling machine before making any preparations.


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