Safety common sense of LNG gas station

Safety common sense of LNG gas station:

1, LNG has a very low temperature at ambient atmospheric pressure: -162 C;

2. There is a large volume ratio of gas to liquid. If the pressure reduction measures are not appropriate, the pressure will rise rapidly. The volume ratio of gas to liquid in LNG is approximately 620:1;

3, the initial injection amount is small, natural vaporization will lead to the larger gas loss rate.

4, the inevitable existence and dispersion of LNG vehicles in the city;

5. Natural gas is flammable gas, and there is an obvious safety mark in the production area.

6, the pry mounted LNG car filling station should be used in complete safety measures and fixed points, strictly prohibited to move freely, and the vacuum process pipeline is not allowed to tread.

7. The collision tank is strictly prohibited in the transportation process, and the storage tank must be kept in vacuum.

8, the area where the equipment is kept is well ventilated.

9. Ensure that the system has been relieved when the equipment is maintained or maintained.

10. Away from flammable or electric spark;

11, the electrical parts and the instrument parts can not be inflow;

12. All electrical equipment should meet the requirements of the explosion-proof grade in the dangerous area.

13. In the area with LNG, open fire or any unauthorized electrical and communication equipment, such as mobile phones and radio transmitters, can not be used.


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