Maintenance of LNG pry

Maintenance of LNG gasification pry LNG pry

1, every month's maintenance

A. leak check. There should be no leakage at all equipment and connections.

B. check the start value of the shut-off valve and whether the release mechanism can work properly, and close the closure after cutting off. The starting value of the shut-off valve should be normal and the release mechanism work normally, and close close after cutting off.

The C. filter is cleaned or replaced. Observe the readings of the filter pressure gauge. When the pointer refers to the red position, the filter should be cleaned or replaced.

D. check whether the valve switch is flexible before and after the pressure regulating channel.


2, annual maintenance

A. monthly maintenance content, refer to the monthly maintenance and maintenance standards.

B. cleaning conductor, pressure regulator inner cavity, clean and no dirt.

C. replacement film. The film should be replaced with the specifications of qualified.

D. oil the active or transmission parts. First, decontamination and rust removal on the uniform oil.

E. blow off the discharge valve signal tube, clean and no dirt.

The starting pressure value of the f. safety release valve is checked and the qualified discharge valve is installed.

G. adjust the accuracy of the instrument and install the qualified instrument.

3, every three years of maintenance

A. maintains the maintenance content every year, referring to the annual maintenance standards.

B. and the regulator of all spare parts, spare parts, ldirectord shut-off valve parts, valve parts, parts surface clean and free of dirt.

C. replace all non metal parts in the pressure regulator, the shut-off valve, the discharge valve and the valve.

D. check the wear and deformation of the parts and parts, and change when necessary.

E. replace the same type filter cartridge.

F. the paint coating of each component and the outer wall of the pipe, the paint coating is perfect, and complete the rust removing, the paint is full.


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