What is a pry mounted gas station?

What is a pry mounted gas station?

1 Introduction

In recent years, in response to the national Ministry of science and technology popularization and application of clean fuel vehicles on natural gas vehicles has been rapid development in many city of our country, mainly in the compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles, mostly for single gas mileage short city taxis and buses. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) cars are widely promoted abroad because of their advantages such as small pollution, high safety performance, significant economic benefits, and suitable for large long-distance transport vehicles. The United States has 3000 LNG cars and about 100 LNG car filling stations, which is technically in the lead. In China, Beijing, Urumqi, Changsha, Guiyang, Hangzhou and other places are actively promoting LNG vehicles and gas stations, and have built a number of LNG gas stations. In addition to the conventional equipments installed at the site, the filling stations of the complete system are equipped with various skid mounted LNG filling stations that are installed on the site or installed on one or more skid blocks. Skid mounted LNG filling station has many outstanding advantages, such as safety, environmental protection, low energy consumption, small footprint, convenient on-site installation, short construction period and flexible movement. It has become a promising filling station type.

Advantages of 2 sled LNG air filling station

The sled air filling station adds LNG to the LNG car through a cryogenic pump. If necessary, can also be pressurized by high-pressure liquid pump through the gasifier gasification filling to the CNG car, and the ratio of the cost and expenditure of the same capacity low CNG gas station. In addition, the sled LNG gas station has the following advantages:

(1) flexible maneuver and less area. Do not rely on natural gas pipeline network, only use LNG tank to carry LNG as the gas source.

All the equipment in the station are installed on a sled block with a smaller overall size of 12m x 2.5m x 3.31M, and the control system is installed in a modified standard set box. The total mass of the filling station before the filling of LNG is only 21.8t, so it is very suitable for car handling. It can change the location of the gas station at any time according to the demand of the market, especially in the city.

(2) safety, environmental protection, low energy consumption. LNG has been purified, without compression, cooling, dehydration, desulfurization and the power consumption of the larger unit, the entire production process eliminates the need for natural gas purification equipment and C air compressor, greatly reducing the facilities, not only saves the equipment cost, and shorten the construction period.

The degree of automation is high and easy to operate. With automatic control system, data collection, flammable gas monitoring, overpressure stop pump and low pressure pump and other process are completed automatically, easy to operate.

3 main equipment and technical requirements

The main equipments of skid mounted LNG filling station include LNG storage tank, LNG cryogenic pump, LNG vaporizer, LNG aerator and skid seat. Besides, there are pipeline system, control system and supporting facilities. A design of the tank volume is 35m3, the design pressure is 1.2MPa, the design temperature of -196 to +60 DEG C, the evaporation rate is less than 0.2%


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