What is an air temperature vaporizer?

The air through the air in the environment temperature difference as the heat source, the heat exchange through the star type aluminum fin with good thermal conductivity, so that a variety of low temperature (such as LNG, LN2, LO2, LAr, LCO2) gas liquid liquid, without the use of additional energy under the condition of gas into a certain temperature.

Structure characteristics:

1. The air temperature gasifier is a high efficiency and energy saving product. It can save a lot of energy from the steam heating vaporizer and the water bath electric heating carburetor.

2, the star shaped aluminum finned tube material used in the air temperature vaporizer has the advantages of excellent heat exchange effect, strong corrosion resistance, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance.

No diamond frame connecting 3 products adopt international popular, between the fin and the fin without welding and special tools for machining and fixing the stress is small, compact and sturdy, neat, elegant, pipes and fittings are connected by argon arc welding, weld uniform, no pores.

4, this product is mainly composed of star fin tube, connecting pipe, connection structure, hoisting device, base, transport 3 frame and import and export joint.

5. The distance between fin and fin is large, the effect of ventilation is good, and the frost is fast.


Technological process

A process for low temperature liquid (such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide, liquefied natural gas, propane and other cryogenic liquids etc.) from a cryogenic liquid storage tank, liquid storage tank is discharged through the self pressure cryogenic liquid pump through the pressure into the carburetor gasification gas, and then by bus to the cylinder.

Process two: the liquid is vaporized into gas by the vaporizer, and the pressure regulating device of the inlet pipe is adjusted to the use pressure through the pipe to the use terminal.


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