Pry mounted LNG gasification and pressure regulating equipment

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Detailed introduction

Pry mounted LNG gasification and pressure regulating equipment

Skid mounted gas pressure regulating equipment is gas equipment for urban residents and independent small business users and large and medium sized gas emergency peaking station user requirement, the equipment will be LNG gasification station equipment, components, field instruments and control system integration in skid mounted on the module, process design, simplified convenient transportation and installation, operation safety and economy, easy maintenance, beautiful appearance, widely used in city emergency gas source, residential gas and industrial users production supply, main products are LNG LNG booster booster truck pry, pry, LNG vaporization pressure regulating metering deodorization lever, a liquefied natural gas supply system with independent LNG tank or tanker LNG.

LNG vaporizing pressure regulating metering deodorization is to pry LNG tank pressurization, pressure regulating, gasification, heating, heating, BOG EAG complex heat exchanger, deodorization, measurement and PLC control equipment integrated a skid seat, the gasification of natural gas output can be constant, according to the requirements of constant temperature and pressure. The extensive application of natural gas flow 200m3/h ~ 2000m3/h (when the flow is greater than 2000m3/h, LNG gasifier based site, this site alone) equipment short period, small investment, convenient use, widely used in ceramics, printing and dyeing, metal pipe and other industrial gas industry, boiler, coal gas mixing station in the industry.

1, the unloading of the LNG gas supply station is pressurized, the storage tank supercharging, vaporization, pressure regulating, metering, odorization, electrical control and other functions are integrated.

2, pry assembly, compact structure, easy to install site, small area, short construction period;

3, air heating vaporization, reduce operation low, at the same time there is a natural gas water bath heating system to ensure safe and reliable operation at very low temperature.

4, the system through the national explosion-proof test, the use of safety and reliability, operation, maintenance simple;

5, equipped with anti-static earthing and lightning protection. All pressure, temperature, level, current and voltage signals are linked with monitoring system to support remote monitoring without sending people on-site.

6. The equipment has strong mobility and can be repeated repeatedly and repeatedly.

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