Air temperature gasifier

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Detailed introduction

Air temperature gasifier

The air temperature type low temperature liquid gasification device is the use of natural convection in the atmosphere air as heat source, energy efficient gas exchange heat and vaporize into a certain temperature with good thermal conductivity of aluminum extrusion into a star shaped fin tube and a cryogenic liquid heat exchange equipment, mainly used in liquefied natural gas (LNG), oxygen (LO2) (LN2), liquid nitrogen, liquid argon (LAr), LCO2 (liquid carbon dioxide), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in low temperature medium.

Single flow: 20-8000NM3/H

Work pressure: 0.8-35.0Mpa

Performance characteristics:

No energy, no pollution

Using a new type of high finned tube heat exchanger, heat exchange area is more efficient, finned tube surface to oxidation process of special schistosity, long service life.

The gasifier has good rigidity, not easy to fall apart phenomenon in the process of transportation, small deformation.

The outlet temperature is not less than 10 degrees of ambient temperature (8 hours for continuous use).

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