Ai Jiean small gas supply device

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  • Release date:2018/03/13
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Detailed introduction

Ai Jiean small gas supply device

"Ai Joanne" function: set small cryogenic tank, turbocharger, gasifier, pressure regulating and measuring system (including IC card controller), deodorization system, gas supply system leakage complete alarm system, remote monitoring system in one of the.

The characteristics of "Ai Jiean":

Compact structure, integrated design, small space and small site installation.

Excellent vacuum performance, with the pump, almost no loss.

Site filling provides high purity, long duration, low pressure rise, no transportation loss, less management and operation.

The pressure, liquid level, and temperature instruments support the digital display in the long distance control room.

Safety measures such as pressure, level and temperature state alarm and combustible gas leakage alarm are set up.

Stainless steel shell, avoid low temperature environment influence, simple appearance and beautiful appearance.

Size, pressure and structure meet the needs of the vast majority of customers.

The gas supply system meets the requirements of quick, simple and high efficiency.

The use of "Ai Jiean":

1, catering and civilian fuel.

2. Boiler renovation project with low gas volume.

3, electronics, scientific research, chemical industry, welding, laser processing and other industries (industrial gas)

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