LNG gasification station project

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LNG gasification station project

LNG gasification station mainly includes LNG tank, the main air temperature type gasifier, forced recuperator or forced gasifier, BOG heater, EAG heater, vaporizer, booster tank pressurized gasifier, deodorization device, pressure regulating metering control system, safety relief system and other auxiliary equipment, LNG tank for vacuum insulation container, water volume is usually 20-200m LNG fand, AAVS tube combination equipment for fin heat exchange with the air, LNG gasification of natural gas at room temperature. The BOG (EAG) heater is a finned tube combined equipment, which is heat exchange with the air, which is mainly used for the reheat of the low temperature NG.

The design of pressure regulating, metering and odorization device are all pry and mounted, the main pressure regulator, the odour pump and other famous brand products are selected, which are generally designed for one open and one double road. In the city gas supply, natural gas itself is colorless and odorless gas, and it is not easy to be detected when it leaks. Therefore, odorant (four hydrogen thiophene) is needed to ensure the safety of gas utilization.

The control system monitors and records all the signals such as liquid level, pressure, temperature, leakage alarm and flow volume. The safety detection points of corresponding pressure, temperature and liquid level are interlocked with the front end low temperature emergency shut-off valve to ensure safe gas consumption.

EPPs company can provide LNG gasification station application integration solutions including consulting, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and operation of the whole process and full service system, our idea is to allow customers to buy the most reliable products the most attentive service and the most assured investment.

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