PLC control system

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PLC control system

LNG station automatic instrument system is an important guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the gas station, the automatic control system of EPPs holding company Suzhou Lianrui intelligent production technology is PLC+PC. From PLC, IPC and field instrument, electromagnetic valve, frequency conversion control cabinet, combustible gas leak detection system, filling machine and other input / output devices composed of a complete set of independent centralized control system, control and realization process of display, alarm, parameter query, history record query, report printing, IC card management and other functions. In the control system for gas station management system network interface, can realize remote maintenance. The IC card management system integration of IC card, electronic, network and database technology, provides a convenient management, stable performance, quick and efficient, resource sharing information management platform for LNG gas station, the system can be installed in the company management department or LNG station on the server, for vehicle registration, IC card issuance, recharge, loss the amount of information, and display vehicle information query function.

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